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"Before we can change our behavior, we must first change our attitude. Before attitude can change, we have to change our vision."


Navigating through these times of social, political and environmental change can feel like traveling into unexplored territory with only your wits to guide you. The good news is that maps exist. And although the maps are not the actual territory, they can alert us to the possibilities and pitfalls in the larger landscape.

In his writing and his classes, Terry Clayton identifies three constants that abide in all relationships, regardless of size or situation. They comprise the three-legged stool upon which all social contracts rest:

  1. In-born human nature: the concern with survival; self; and the group
  2. The inherent conflict between competition and cooperation
  3. The quest to acquire and keep power

These three fundamentals are at play throughout the history of our species. They influence our individual, cultural, social and political evolution, as well as the policies and philosophies that arouse us.

We are at a critical time in our journey of existence. The environment of our planet is changing. Our societies are rolling and pitching their way to an uncertain tomorrow.

And as every traveler knows, there comes a time to study the maps, assess the hurdles and the options, and create a viable vision for proceeding.

Now is that time.

Terry Clayton is an educator, traveler and historian who actively advocates for planetary stewardship and a world community. He is the author of a number of articles and essays that have culminated in his soon-to-be released book, Facing the Moment: Lessons from a Global Odyssey.

Terry Clayton is an educator, traveler and historian who actively advocates for planetary stewardship and a world community. He is the author of a number of articles and essays that have culminated in his book, Facing the Moment: Lessons from a Global Odyssey.

Perspective On...


Globalization & Systems

Survival as a species relies upon the creation of global structures large enough to deal with global issues.


Political Commentary & Opinion

Whoever controls regulation of government ultimately controls how society can function.



Democracy is the great equalizer.


Social Policy

The Grand Conundrum.



Technology has surpassed our ability to grasp and control it.



The foundation of knowledge.


Consciousness & Thought

Being aware that you are aware.


Cultural Evolution

All of us are subject to two certainties.


Social Psychology & Interaction

Hierarchy for its own sake is no longer defensible.


Environment: Conditions & Policies

The conflict between industry and preservation rages on even as climate change bears down upon us.



Travel is a social, relational, and political act.



The causes of social change can be seen throughout history. They are playing out right now in current time.


What People Are Saying

“Terry Clayton is a historian, an educator, a risk-taker with world travel as an integral part of his vigorous life. From such a singular assemblage of experience, he has composed a remarkable book that engages the reader in rollicking adventures, provides insights and draws conclusions with convincing and positive recommendations to consider for personal and collective action in these challenging times. Whether his wisdom is directed to meeting the issues of climate change, civil injustice or economic disparity, it stirs one's imagination and provides a path for engagement. The reader is left with a feeling of hope and purpose for our future.”

Tony Angell
Tony Angell

Author of The House of Owls, Gifts of the Crow, In the Company of Crows and Ravens.

“Teacher, traveler and storyteller. Terry Clayton's experience is gleaned from a life travelling the world and studying it's people, customs, and cultures. When home from the road, he was at home in the classroom. A forty year veteran of secondary and college education, Terry brought the world back in stories and photos. As he shared his tales, he would put them in historic perspective and cultural relevance his students could understand. In his book, Facing the Moment, and this blog, Terry presents thought provoking scenarios and solutions to global survival in hopes of raising people's consciousness to their ever changing environment.”

Don Wodjenski
Don Wodjenski

Author of Artists of Whidbey Island.


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