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Terry earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in History from Western Washington University and his teaching degree at the University of Washington, where he also earned his Master’s in Education, specializing in American history. His second Master’s degree was from Antioch University in Whole Systems, specializing in Cultural Evolution and the Dynamics of Social Change.

Terry taught high school in the Seattle area for seven years before moving to Bogota, Colombia in 1973 where he taught at Colegio Nueva Granada international high school. Upon returning to the United States, he resumed teaching high school for Shoreline School District in addition to Shoreline Community College (American History) and Everett Community College (Environmental Studies) respectively. He retired professionally in 2004, but has continued to teach community classes near his home on Whidbey Island in Washington State.

Terry has traveled twice around the world, visiting more than 147 countries, colonies, territories and city states. He lived on a kibbutz in Israel and served as Co-Director for a United Nations project, The Planetary Initiative. As an avid athlete, he played semi-professional basketball and, in 1967, was a member of the practice squad for the Seattle Sonics. He is an advocate for civil rights, environmental preservation and animal rights.

"Underneath all that divides us, we share a common humanity. Discovery and the quest for well-being motivate all of us. We continually seek relief from the difficulties of existence, and in so doing, we change the world, hopefully for the better."

Among other social and political progressive causes, Terry supports the following organizations:
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
Amnesty International
Common Cause
Democratic Party
Doctors Without Borders
Friends of the Earth
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
Humane Society
Human Rights Watch
Mercy Corps
National Public Broadcasting
National Public Radio
Planned Parenthood
Public Citizens
Student Action For The Environment (SAFENet) [founder]
Whidbey Progressive Party (WhIP) [co-founder]

Perspective On...


Globalization & Systems

Survival as a species relies upon the creation of global structures large enough to deal with global issues.


Political Commentary & Opinion

Whoever controls regulation of government ultimately controls how society can function.



Democracy is the great equalizer.


Social Policy

The Grand Conundrum.



Technology has surpassed our ability to grasp and control it.



The foundation of knowledge.


Consciousness & Thought

Being aware that you are aware.


Cultural Evolution

All of us are subject to two certainties.


Social Psychology & Interaction

Hierarchy for its own sake is no longer defensible.


Environment: Conditions & Policies

The conflict between industry and preservation rages on even as climate change bears down upon us.



Travel is a social, relational, and political act.



The causes of social change can be seen throughout history. They are playing out right now in current time.


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