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Facing the Moment: Lessons from a Global Odyssey

In this engaging memoir, Terry shares information intended to awaken and inspire humanity poised on the precipice of an uncertain and threatening future. Clayton unveils the context of social conditions that serve as persistent obstacles and the creative opportunities born of a willingness to face them squarely. He writes candidly to those with serious concerns about local and global events but a limited vision of how they can make a difference, all while instilling a sense of vision and hope.



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“This book is like a slice of fruitcake, at once delicious and best savored in small bites. The author’s life-long quest for a better future challenges our perceptions of self and society while offering thoughtful suggestions for positive change, ranging from politics to climate change. Read this – learn something.”

Dale A. Stirling, Author of From Hippocrates to COVID-19: A History of Medicine Bibliography

“Humans have become like metastatic cancer (of the planet), and that bill is coming due. We do, however, have a window of time where we can change what we’ve created and avert a human-caused extinction.” Rather than cause for despair, Mr. Clayton sees this as a call to action. He has the intellect and experience to trace the ecological, social, psychological, and political realities that led us to this moment, and distill from them a path forward. He illustrates his insights with fascinating personal adventures. He has been both student and teacher in far-flung places and lived a life of travels to rival George Orwell or Captain Richard Burton. This melding of personal experience with understanding of the perils of our present moment make his book an exciting journey and a bold road map into the future we face together. He challenges us with these words, “Critical thinking fueled by emotional energy is your superpower. I trust you will use it well.”

Jeff Stonehill - Author of The Last Great Wild West Show

“Terry Clayton’s memoir highlights an amazing life. As a brilliant writer, he looks back on a forty-year teaching and travel career with a deep appreciation for the cultural influences that continue to shape our world. When not enlightening his students, Terry traveled to almost 150 countries to seek out how other cultures have impacted the environment upon which we are dependent. What did this do for Clayton? It made him a writer who understands the processes of social change. With a precise eye, imaginative description and brilliant prose, Clayton provides a window into a world evolving into its present state. This is an important read.”

Howard DeWitt, Author of Searching for Sugar Man, Trump Against The World: Foreign Policy Bully, Russian Collusion, and various books on history, politics and music

“Explorers look to the world for understanding; philosophers look inward. It is rare to find an explorer and a philosopher in one mind. Terry Clayton has proven to be just that, with his new memoir, Facing the Moment. Part travel memoir, part philosophical treatise, entirely compelling, inspiring, and a pleasure to read, this work is a powerful testament to a life devoted to living, learning and education. Bravo!”

Garth Stein, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Art of Racing in the Rain


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