The Past Still at Work in the Present

The Past is Still at Work in the Present

The past is never over. The people, events, and circumstances of your life are still at work in the present. Whether you’re aware of it or not, the past continues to shape who you are today and impact who you will become tomorrow. Things that have happened in the past don’t just disappear; they continue to affect us and play a major role in how we handle challenges moving forward. This is also true for the society, and the world, we live in.

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Voices Within


An important pattern inside both individual and societal evolution is one of cycles. Aided by advances, individuals and our societies, go from simple to more elaborate, both in size and complexity. Individual cycles are driven by our bodies and minds interacting with our environment and with knowledge; societal cycles are driven by technology.

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Sports people

The Games We Play

The foundational elements of a healthy society are laid when people see the need for discipline, cooperative effort, team spirit, and the camaraderie born of mutual devotion to achieving a common goal. Cultivating the vital quality of learning how to become goal-oriented is key to success.

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Power is perhaps one of the thorniest issues in any relationship or society. Power is the ability to coerce, influence or control others—to have authority. It is also the act of being effective and capable. Distilled to its essence, power is the ability to get intended results. Without a bedrock understanding, it’s easy to misinterpret or be intimidated by it.

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Management and Leadership

Management vs Leadership

When the goals of a system, institution or state change, leadership qualities such as promoting a vision for the future and strategies for obtaining that vision, are required. Leaders have to be tuned to the pulse of society and to adjust to changing conditions. At the point when social conditions necessitate change, citizens are generally ready for change and have little tolerance for prolonged reformation.

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Mt. St. Helens

Facing the Moment

So much has happened over my lifetime that it almost feels like a work of fiction. The sage wisdom of the ages, uttered by the great minds of humanity, holds much more meaning for me now. Unpredictable moments, disappointments and improbable opportunities forced me to grow in uninvited and unintentional ways, and I am deeply grateful for all of it.

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