Global compliance

AGI: A Tiger by the Tail

As a species, we have been evolving for only six million years from other proto-primates, and only 200,000 years as modern Homo sapiens. The end of the last ice-age took several thousand years for us to adjust and adapt to change. If we are to survive and thrive in a world with all the challenges facing us, the required changes will have to take place by mid-century.

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Artificial Intelligence

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

The role of technology in our daily lives has become increasingly important. One area has recently garnered significant attention and investment is artificial intelligence (AI). In simple terms, AI refers to computer systems that can perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence, such as learning, reasoning, problem-solving, understanding natural language, perception, and creativity.

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Humans and all hominids before humans were – and are – the maker of tools. The two qualities that separate humans from all other species on this planet are our ability to create technology and to create the systems that technology requires. Technology is the catalyst for cultural change. The process of political, economic, and social adjustment to these technological changes is cultural evolution.

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