Ripple effect

Power – Where Is Yours?

Power can be seen as a dynamic process that ranges from diminishment to exaltation. When it is in a diminishment cycle it takes on the cloak of passivity and manifests inertia, victimization, persecution, cruelty or helplessness. When it is exalted, it flares into action as the creative force, as confidence, compassion, benevolence, etc. Claiming personal power, especially during times of strife, is the key to significant change.

The Question of Personal Power

There are a number of overt and external sources of personal power that we can point to. Political, social, physical, intellectual, sexual, charismatic, economic, and criminal are some of the more obvious forms. Other more intimate forms of power such as love, altruisim, empathy, sympathy and compassion are also sources of power. Although those forces are externally demonstrated, they are internal in nature. They connect directly to personal consciousness, which I define as the maturation process in individuals and the evolution of culture for the species.

When I say consciousness, what is it that I’m referring to? In the largest sense I’m referring to a system of parts joined together through a web of relationships in which members act as a whole. Some call this the Tao, the harmonizer of the opposite forces. Whatever you call it, it is the gestalt wherein the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts, and it is the water we all swim in, whether we recognize it or not.

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