Ukraine map

Ukraine in the Big Picture

What is Putin really doing in this struggle with Ukraine? Let’s take a moment and pan outward… let’s talk about the big picture and the clues to be found there.

In the introduction of my web page I talk about the three constants in all human relationships; human nature, the conflict between the need for cooperation and the desire of competition, and the quest to acquire and keep power. These factors, combined with technology and the systemic interplay between technology and humans, provide the dynamics that cause the evolution in size, complexity and maturing of society. It is what I call cultural evolution. And it is in play.

Cultural evolution isn’t smooth. It’s characterized by fits and starts, like the tension building up in the earth prior to an earthquake or the process of birth. And we are in the stage of labor prior to the birth of a global society. Just like birth, there are no guarantees. It is, however, possible to increase the chances of success through actions taken prior to birth.

To understand why Putin has invaded Ukraine it is necessary to understand both the dynamics of power politics and the motivation of bullies. (Please read my article entitled RUSSIA & UKRAINE: Significantly More Than a Kerfuffle) To see the larger picture and understand the implication of this event on the global stage requires perspective.

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