Democracy in Danger

January 6, 2021 was the official day to record the results of the presidential election. Confirmation of the Electoral College vote is normally a formality.  Most people are unaware that this official counting is what confirms the results of presidential elections.

In November Joe Bidden won our presidential election by over 7 million votes. It was not a close election. However, from the election defeat Trump constantly told the Big Lie -- that he actually won the election. Though there were court cases in multiple states that proved that the election was not fraudulent, 81% of Republicans believed that it was.

On that day, a short distance away from the capital in front of the White House, Pres. Trump whipped a large crowd of his supporters into a frenzy, instructing them to take back the election by storming the capital, implying they should do so by any means. If you are reading this, you know what happened that day. People died, many more were injured, and for the first time in this nation’s history the capital of the United States was breached and under siege.

The insurrectionists were unsuccessful, but it was a close call.  This crisis, however, is not over. This wave of severe discontent goes much deeper than the four chaotic years of Donald Trump’s presidency.  Although he is Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, he is not the creator of that monster.

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