The World Society Today – A Curse and an Opportunity

If we accept Einstein’s observation that problems cannot be solved at the level at which they were created, we must also accept that new structures are needed and new institutions established that are large enough to solve the problems that humans have created through our shortsightedness and greed. There is a point in any society's development where a few control most of the power and wealth of that society and development becomes stunted; society starts its decline. That is where we are now; this is our Zeitgeist. It’s important to understand that it is in the process of decline that new ideas emerge; ideas that motivate the development and beliefs that will provide the basis for a new social order that will replace the one that’s no longer functioning well. Because increased failures of the dominant paradigms are causing huge stress within civilized society, we are beginning to experience increasing numbers of people who are motivated to restore equilibrium.

Out of this process come the ideas and actions necessary for transformation. Not surprisingly, these new ideas are in conflict with a counter set of beliefs that wish to impose different ideologies. And just as it has at other times of crisis in the human experience, this struggle reflects the spirit of our time. The results will define us and our future.

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